If you have student loans as part of your portfolio of assets, you understand the unique challenges of this portion of the business – particularly if you no longer have student loan experts on staff to help you manage this portfolio effectively.

To assist you with this process, Education Loan Source has developed PortfolioManager, a suite of comprehensive portfolio management and loan sale facilitation services tailored to your institution’s specific needs.

As a PortfolioManager client you will receive the following services:

Complete review of all servicing reports

  • Review for billing discrepancies
  • Trending analysis
  • Secure audit trail

Market trend/condition reporting

  • Up to the minute updates regarding recent private loan portfolio sales/securitizations
  • Access to our partners to facilitate creative new ways to market and sell your private loan portfolios

Quarterly review with strategic focus

  • Consultation/recommendations on any adjustments that should be made to your servicing contracts based on trends
  • Consultation/recommendations relating to new loans being made, including underwriting adjustments, terms and tiers assigned to the portfolio, deferral and repayment options, and additional customization
  • Consultation/recommendations regarding what can be done to best position your portfolio for future sale/securitization

With PortfolioManager, Education Loan Source reviews all servicer reports, ensures their accuracy, and presents this information to you in a simplified and summarized format that you and your staff can review and understand, quickly and easily– and then use to process your monthly reporting and accounting. We also manage and audit the billing process on your behalf, once again ensuring accuracy and compliance, every step of the way.

If you are looking to sell your loan portfolio, whether loan receivables or private loans, Education Loan Source can assist you in that process as well. Our services range from providing an analysis of your portfolio to provide an estimate of what a purchaser might pay for the portfolio to getting the portfolio information out to potential buyers and assisting you in reviewing the bids and completing the sale. While we don’t purchase loans ourselves, we have relationships with companies that do and we can help you through this process.