Education Loan Source Expands TuitionFlex Financing Program for San Francisco School of Massage

Education Loan Source, Inc. (ELS), the nation’s leader in education financing administration and services, is proud to announce the expansion of their partnership with San Francisco School of Massage (SFSM). SFSM originally launched the TuitionFlex℠ program in March, 2010 and the school is now expanding the program to include a choice of longer payment plan terms.

TuitionFlexSM℠ provides students with the option to extend tuition payments over a specified period of time instead of paying cash up-front for an academic program. “With new state regulations slated to take effect at the end of this year, increasing the number of required course hours in the fields of massage and bodywork, SFSM wants to be in position to assist students with affordability,” said Gary Witt, Chief Executive Officer of SFSM. “Expanding the TuitionFlex program furthers SFSM’s commitment to make education accessible to students who are already managing a variety of personal and professional responsibilities.”

As program administrator, ELS offers comprehensive support for the program and, as a result, the program requires very little involvement from school officials. From the point of online application all the way through servicing, ELS provides a seamless flow for both students and school. ELS programs are in compliance with federal and state Truth-in-Lending disclosures and are of particular assistance to schools looking to meet 90/10 regulations.

“We are excited about expanding our partnership with ELS,” said Rocky Hall, Director of Operations. “We appreciate the expertise that ELS has earned in the educational finance arena and have benefited by their commitment to enhance TuitionFlex and bring innovation to the space.”

“Given the dynamic nature of the higher education industry, it is a pleasure to deliver financing solutions that can be easily tailored as requirements change,” said Jacklyn Garcia-Schneider, Director, Client Services for ELS. “Knowing that the expanded program will enable more students to get their education at SFSM – one of the most respected massage and bodywork schools in the nation – is especially rewarding.”

Click here for more information about the TuitionFlexPLUS program.