Our Mission

Our mission is to help create best in class financing solutions through innovation, integrity and excellence.

How Can We Help?

Education Loan Source (ELS) helps to create customized loan, credit management and tuition receivables support for lenders, schools and fintechs. We are dedicated to giving families peace of mind, individuals an opportunity to grow, and school and lending partners a reliable partner focused on your success.

Utilizing a comprehensive suite of services, you can ensure that your financing solutions are compliant, easy for students and families to understand and efficient to manage.

With Education Loan Source you can:

Create a tuition credit program unique to your student population.

Adopt a single-source solution for program development and management.

Launch an easy-to-use application web platform customized to your financing programs.

Ensure your documents are fully-compliant, accurate, and delivered correctly throughout the financing process.

Consult experts to develop and continuously update program terms and conditions ideal for your students.

Remain informed of both current and upcoming regulatory changes — before they impact your processes.

Opportunity for upfront cashflow due to facilitating sale of your portfolio to a third party.

The team at Education Loan Source has decades of experience and a depth of expertise in education finance, loan origination and servicing and client support. We are fully immersed in making sure systems and products are federally compliant while delivering the best in cutting-edge technology. Contact us today for a free demo of our solutions.